The University of Toronto Black Ties mentorship program is designed to pair high performing, bright, young talent with current professionals. We recognize that mentorship is one of the most valuable tools to professional growth.  

Our mentorship program is designed to be flexible and accommodating.

After the initial pairing event in January (Date TBA) Mentees/and Mentors meet on their own time.



+Must be an active member of Black Ties

+Must actively participate and support Black Ties events

+Must be a full-time or part-time student in good standing.

+Must complete a mentor application.

Student Application Form: click here. 


+Must have a sincere desire to build constructive, positive relationship with their Mentee.

+Must possess a positive attitude and willingness to assist/advice students in their professional advancements 

+Must possess ability to recommend industry insights and opportunities to students

+Must be either a professional (or)  Graduate Level student (Law, MBA, Med School)

**Mentors DO NOT have to be visible minorities, but must be cognizant of the challenges faced by students

Mentor Application Form: Click here