In an age where racial equality is at the forefront of social issues, we see statistics displaying that only in 2011, visible minorities held an unemployment rate in Canada of 9.9% while non-minorities were at 7.3%, a gap of 2.6%. However, even with a university education there existed even a greater gap with minorities being unemployed at a rate of 7.9% while non-minorities are at 4.1%. Black Ties aims to help level the playing field in today's turbulent job market.


Black Ties is a student led group focused on the professional advancement of our members through a series of networking events, speaker-series, mentorship, and an annual development conference. We aim to bridge the gap between current students and notable alumni and professionals, so that our members are best prepared when they embark on their professional careers. 


  • To provide leadership and networking opportunities for current students
  • Bridge the gap between current students and notable alumni and business professionals
  • Create a strong network base of current and future professionals

We are situated at Canada's top university, The University of Toronto, which boasts a large diverse population with many students being first in their families to embark on post-secondary education. Being the first student led organization of its kind, Black Ties aims to advance all students from all fields of study.